Saturday, January 14, 2012

EKG Rhythm Strips: Bigeminy, Trigeminy, Quadrageminy

Sinus rhythm with Ventricular Trigeminy

Sinus rhythm with trigeminal PVCs

Sinus rhythm with ventricular bigeminy

Sinus rhythm with ventricular bigeminy

Atrial fibrillation with ventricular quadrigeminy

Atrial fibrillation with ventricular trigeminy

Sinus rhythm with bigeminal PVCs

Reviewed 3/1/16


  1. I would like to use your image of trigeminy for a book I am writing,

    Would you allow this?


  2. Jamie,
    Feel free to use any of the content of these blogs. I post them for educational purposes. If you want, you may reference the image as "Image courtesy of Float Nurse- Mike." This should avoid any potential problems once your material becomes copyrighted. Thank you for your inquiry. Best wishes on your book! Mike

  3. Dear Mike,
    As an educator, I would also like to use some of your Pediatric Rhythm strips to help pediatric nurses with competency training. Is this alright with you? Diana

    1. Diana,
      Yes, you may use any of the strips that I have posted. I post them simply to help others practice and learn basic EKG rhythms. Thank you for asking.