Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Nursing Stuff: Ventilators

01. b.  If you are a nurse, this might be one of your first actions.  If you are able to manage the vent, then D might be appropriate.  Remember the DOPE mnemonic for troubleshooting the ET tube: Displacement  Obstruction  Pnemothorax  Equipment failure
02. a. Continuous mandatory ventilation
03. c. 20 - 30 mm Hg
04. b. PEEP.  It increases the functional residual capacity
05. d. Loss of ET tube cuff pressure


  1. Hello Mike,

    I saw some of your rhythm tames and was wondering if it would be ok if i used them in a AED training course (just to identify in a rudimentary way what the AED works on). Its just a coarse VF, fine VF and Asystole i am looking to use. Really identifying the absolute critical need for High Quality CPR from the beginning of the arrest.

  2. Stefan Hickman. The rhythm strips are for learning purposes and free for all to use. Thanks for asking.

  3. Mike you are a scholar and a gentleman.

    Thanks very much, i really appreciate it.