Thursday, April 3, 2014

ACLS Medication Questions

16. In unstable bradycardia this medication may be considered as an alternative to pacing.  At higher doses its alpha adrenergic properties predominate.  It is administered in mg/kg/min.

a.  Norepinephrine
b   Epinephrine
c.  Dopamine
d.  Amiodarone

17. This medication reduces afterload and venous return to the heart.  Because of these properties it should not be used with patients who have a right ventricular infarct.

a.  Nitroglycerin
b.  Dopamine
c.  Amiodarone
d.  Adenosine

18. In refractory VF/VT the second dose of this medication is .50mg -.75 mg/kg.  

a.  Amiodarone
b.  Epinephrine
c.  Lidocaine
d. Vasopressin

19. This medication is not given in bolus doses.  Thus, a patient with VT with a pulse might receive an infusion of this medication.

a. Lidocaine
b. Epinephrine
c. Cardizem
d. Procainamide

20. The maximum dose of this medication is 3 mg/24 hour

a. Epinephrine
b. Atropine
c. Vasopressin
d. Nitroglycerin

16.  c.  Dopamine
17.  a.  Nitroglycerin
18.  c.  Lidocaine
19.  d.  Procainamide
20.  b.  Atropine

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