Monday, December 4, 2017

Elective Cardioversion of Atrial Flutter Part I

This patient was admitted with a SVT.  She received adenosine 6 mg and 12 mg without conversion of the rhythm.  However, the adenosine did clarify the rhythm as an atrial flutter.  She was managed with a calcium channel blocker and anticoagulated.  An echo was done and no atrial clots were noted.  She underwent elective cardioversion and was successfully cardioverted after two attempts.  


  1. Interesting case. That's an impressive interatrial conduction abnormality on the post-cardioversion rhythm strip. Since this is "part I" I'm hoping you have a follow-up strip or 12-lead, because I rather doubt the patient will remain in sinus rhythm if that's there's baseline P-wave.

    1. Thank you Vince. Yes, there is a follow up strip on Part II. The patient remained in sinus rhythm and was discharged home.