Thursday, December 8, 2016

ACLS Review Questions: Airways


01. The answers are: a. A patient who is semiconscious with an intact gag reflex, b. A patient with massive oral trauma, and c. A patient with trismus.  Answer D:  The NPA is contraindicated in a basal skull fracture. The tube may be inadvertently be placed into the cranial cavity through the cribiform plate.

02. The answers are: a. The diameter of the NPA should not exceed the diameter of the patient’s nares
b. The diameter of the NPA diameter should be about the same size of the patient’s smallest finger

03. The answer is: d. The NPA is measured from tip of the patient’s nose to the earlobe

04. The answers are:  All of the above

05. The answer is: b. Oropharyngeal airway

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